Британская гравюра 18-19 веков из собрания ГМИИ им. А.С. Пушкина

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1697, Лондон – 1764, Лондон


Иллюстрация к поэме С. Батлера «Гудибрас»

По собственной композиции

Офорт, . 270х352

Внизу под изображением название: Hudibras in Tribulation; слева и справа четыре столбца текста:

She vow'd she would go see the fight,
And visit the distressed Knight: –
And 'twas not long before she found
Him, and his Stout Squire, in the Pound,
Both coupled in Enchanted Teather,
By father Leg behind together:

No sooner did the Knight perceive her,
But streight he fell into a Fever,
Inflam'd all over with Disgrace,
To be seen by her in such a place;
Which made him hang his head & scoul,
And wink, and goggle like an Owl.

Oh Heav'ns! Quoth she, can that be true.
I do begin to fear'tis you;
That Petticoat about your Shoulders
Does not so well become a Soldier's,
And those uneasie Bruises make
My Heart for Company to ake,

Quoth he, that Honour's very Squeamish,
That takes a basling for a Blemish;
Some have been beaten 'till they know
What wood a Cudgel's of by th' Blow;
Some kick'd untill they can feel whither
A Shoe be Spanish or Neat's Leather.

У края оттиска в центре: W. Hogarth Inven. et Sculp.

Выставки: Уильям Хогарт. К 200-летию со дня смерти. Москва, 1964–1965 (с каталогом)

Происхождение: Румянцевский музей (Москва) c 1918; в ГМИИ с 1924

Инв. Г–14968